Facing the Unknown…enticing, yet Frightening

As I drove to work one cold, foggy morning, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the road disappearing behind me.  I literally stopped in my tire tracks.


Facing the future…enticing, yet frightening.


Here was the perfect picture of the beginning of a New Year…walking into the unknown.  It can be so enticing, beautiful–and yet frightening.  To me, anyway!

Especially as I age, marching even further past the ‘back side of fifty’ (as I like to call it).  Quite honestly, there are a lot of changes I really don’t like.

     But if I embrace the “not so good”, along the with the good–and don’t try to face things by myself–then walking through the fog, I find you can actually see one step at a time.

And I suppose that is all one really needs.

5 thoughts on “Facing the Unknown…enticing, yet Frightening

  1. Thank you so much, Rachel! And thanks for stopping by so I found your blog– I really like your inspiration to do more of the things this year that bring joy into your life–and that quote from one of your poems
    “It’s the same brain
    and the same skin
    and the heart of you
    is waking.’ –I so like that! I hope that comes true for me this year, as I feel pretty dull some days–even though I am trying to wake up my “creative brain” again: through writing, doing more with folks in different walks of life (the really down and out), and even a bit of painting…and some changes with work, and my prayer/spiritual journey, too. We will keep at it, one foot in front of the other as they say :).


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