Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

Dad and Mom

* “Dad” – the one who made us smile

Beloved – “dearly loved, cherished, treasured…prized.”  The dictionary defines it.                                                            But only people can embody it.

To share a photo of someone or something that is beloved.  Now that’s a hard challenge– because there are many.  But since this is February I chose my Dad.

Echoes of his voice, his piercing whistle and the scent of his pipe filter in and out of my thoughts this time of year. It was a February four years ago I got the call.  You know the one–when someone leaves this world for another–and you aren’t ready for it.

Yet, it was in my loss that I learned how MUCH I’d been loved.

Yes, my Dad was truly beloved.  Not just by me, but by many.  My brothers, my mother, grand kids, friends at his morning coffee spots and business associates… It is easy to say why.  In a quiet and unassuming way, he made you feel as if you mattered–valued, important, and heard–as if you counted.  Believed in.  Some people go their whole lives and never feel that.

Yep.  Beloved is the best word for a man like that.


*Photo credit for the collage goes to my younger brother, Jeff Vestal




7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

    • My dearest Nirja, Though it may be so late it does not matter, I am writing to let you know I need to decline the Sunshine Blogger Award you nominated me for , as I was never able to fulfill the obligations, and do not think I will be able to any time soon; life has gotten crazy for me lately with a new job and two of my best friends had sudden deaths in their family and my daughter was pregnant and lost her baby as well; 😦 So much sadness at once!
      I will be taking a break from regular blogging myself to try more solitude with God and time with family and friends (in person) , though I love the writing community as well! Thank you so much and I will write a post saying this, too, very soon, but wanted to send it to you personallly first—Thank you and God bless. Kam


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